02 September 2013

August Favourites

Hey guys after all the fussing the past few day I have finally got my august favourites up if you follow me on twitter you will know what I am on about. If you don't then why not all my blog and video updates go up on there the link is always at the end of my posts .

So my first favourite was the tangle teaser I love this thing it amazing especially for wet hair I would definitely pay another £10 for this again  if I lost this one.
The next favourite was the seventeen beauty balm a review coming later to today. My other favourites where the collection concealer that every one raves about .The dolled up mascara again form seventeen as well as the Revlon photo ready primer again I am going to review this for you soon. Then a cherry jubilee nail polish form Avon and the biggest favourite of all the maybeline baby lips finally they are here eeek. any way go watch the video to see why i love every one these products reviews on all coming soon.
bye guys

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