24 September 2013

Brushes I couldn't live with out

Hey guys so I was doing my make up the other day and was thinking what would I do if I lost all my brushes which ones would have to repurchase.

excuse the dirty brushes but you know keeping it real for you guys

It came down to three all real techniques although I am thinking of investing in some different  brand brushes just for a bit of variety . The three where my real techniques blush brush the reason I couldn't live with out this is because use it for all things face powder related. I use it to bronze I use it for blush  and I use it for setting powder . I love this blush it applies a light of whatever you put on it and so big and fluffy it s perfect for blending out blush and bronzer.

The next brush I would have to go out and immediately repurchase would be there deluxe crease brush I love this brush for concealer it puts it down and blends it out  beautifully I couldn't live with out as I am useless a blending out concealer with my fingers . 

The finial brush I couldn't live with out is the domed shadow brush i love this brush for setting my concealer and for blending out shadows as well as packing them on to the lid .This is definitely a must has brush for me as I use it for some many different thing and if i am taking makeup out with me it is generally this brushes I take with me .

what brushes would replace if you lost them and had to repurchase ? 

 bye guys

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