01 September 2013

catch up time !

Hey guys as you may i took i rather last minute week break it was not planned i just didn't get my self organised before hand .

picture from here 

I was work all last week doing odd shifts and I had planned to get all my blog post written and scheduled before hand. this did not happen as I got really busy the days before work so yeah. I also did upload on my you tube channel so that will be going up today so I link that here when it goes up . I would like to thank you for stick by this blog even though I haven't been around for a while . 

Things at the moment are just a bit hectic in my life and that is affecting this blog more than I thought it would . Even I don't feel like blogging I will always put some thing up for you guys unless I physically cant because I have passed out when I have come in from work or I have been busy with Avon or whatever .

thank you all for your patience 
bye guys 

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