11 September 2013

Its the way it makes you feel !

Hey guys sorry I have been absent for the past few day I have been working like a dog with no legs so I have had no time hence why there was no video on Monday.

So this post is very different but remember that post I did a while back about wearing very day well this post is going to be similar. Make up in me any way reflects my mood if I am in rubbish mood then I will wear very little make up . However if I am feeling confident or outgoing or just in good mood then i more likely to have more bold make up say subtle eyes and  bright red lip or a deep purple lip if i am feeling more a flirty mood what i am try to say is that make up is there to make you look and feel better so don't get  in rut with it step out side you box let it reflect your mood.

we have all go to make up the make up we use when we are in rush but at the end of the day make up is meant to be fun . so if you fancy a red lip to go to work in go for it why not what I am say is don't be shy  I mean I don't mean be like Nikki manja with rainbow eye shadow and lilac lipstick but try not to get stuck in that rut is what I am saying. after or Marilyn Monroe rocked her red lip never cared so if you feel like bright lip go for it don't shy away .

bye guys 
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p.s i will stick a picture in later blogger isnt playing ball today 

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