21 September 2013

MUA lipsticks

Hey guys so we all know about mua and the rave that people give there product and I am sorry to say that I am joining in.

I have two MUA lipstick now these have no lasting power at all I am going to tell that right from the start but  I do like them . Which is unusual because normally if they don't last I am not interested but these are different. they are so moisturising and there a pound and they have a great shade range how can I not love them . 


The shades I have are number 14 bare and number 13 which is ment to be a great dupe for MAC Russian red. I have to admit that don't really wear theses lip stick they sit in my collection mainly because the nude doesn't really suit me and the red well  who red every of the life ?  if you do then go you but for me I stick to my pinks and purples . MUA is available at superdrug and online link So go grab there great especially if your just starting out and there a pound did I mention that. 

bye guys 

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