04 September 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes eye shadow stick

Hey guys so this my third blog post in a day but I am very excited and I am on blogging role I am sure you guys to don't mind is more for you read.

So today's review is going to be on the Rimmel London scandaleyes shadow stick. I am going be on honest with right from the start I don't like this product I think it is rubbish. I will now explain why when you first apply it to your eyes it look patchy and the you apply more and that's fine but then you try and blend it out and it just rubs off. 

I may do a  video on this so that you can exactly what I mean with this product comment or tweet me if you would like that . I am not impressed with product after all the hype I  had heard over the eye liners I expected more from this eye shadow stick. I wouldn't recommend this product even for £4.99 it is just not worth it they are just a waste of money.

bye guys 

p.s dont forget there will be another video up tomorrow 

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