02 September 2013

seventeen blemish balm

Hey guys today I am going be reviewing BB cream for you guy I have mixed thoughts on this product as will find out in the review if you wish to see this product in action I will link the video here.

So at first I didn't like this product I didn't like the feel and I just didn't get a good impression when it came out the tube and it looked like it was surrounded in jelly. Anyway once I solved that problem by giving a shake but I still wasn't convinced . My gripe with product is the texture and workability of it it set very quickly which is not necessarily a bad thing but because of this it make it very had to blend. what also makes this product hard to blend is the fact that it is very stiff and you can this as soon as you squeeze it out .

Anyway enough of the bad stuff now why I like this product and why it has made it in to my favourites this month link here . It is  marketed has blemish balm now I don't normally have bed skin but over the past few weeks I have the few spots around my chin . I can undoubtedly say that in the two weeks I have been using this product I can see a dramatic difference.

The blemishes I had have almost disappeared and that just in 2 weeks so overall as far a blemish balm goes and it helping to improve the condition of you skin. I can say for certain yes it does my spots are almost gone. So if you are on  look out  for a product that is going to cover up your redness and to some extend you blemish as well as help you skin then is for you it has good coverage for BB cream. this product is £6.99 from boots and has SPF 25 in it so perfect for the warmer months .

bye guys

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