25 September 2013

update & chit chat

Hey guys I feel like we need a chat today I do have beauty reviews that I could have done for you  today but i think a bit of chat and update is in order

So of you may love these posts some of you maybe not but I personally like writing them I have been super busy recently . Which is why there has not been a you tube channel video in a week so sorry about than but I did film for you today and that will go up tomorrow. Things should start to get back to normal in the next few weeks as my hours at work have calmed down a bit . Also its pay day tomorrow so hoping that on Friday when i am not in work to do a bit of shopping so might be a haul in the next couple of videos so watch out for that .

 There are quite a few of you now that do regularly  visit this blog but if you are not following me in some way then there are lots of ways to do so GFC (google friend connect) does  still work just not Google reader they are different . You can also follow me on bloglovin and she said beauty and email so lot and lots of ways . If do follow this blog then thank you soo much for your support and  i would really appreciate it if you go subscribe to my you tube channel I am going be to going back to my three videos a week .I plan to order a studio light tomorrow so I can film whenever  with out having the light issue which is part of the problem now.

I would just like to thank you all following in this blog I will leave all my links below including twitter which use a lot for asking you guys questions advise and blog /video updates .So make sure you following me there and I do have a Facebook page if you don't use twitter that much . I promise that normal videos and post will resume soon .If you have any suggestion leave me comment as I will always read them and reply or tweet me link below . Also I do have give way planned for when I reach 100 followers on this blog in total on all platforms.

bye guys 

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