04 September 2013

we did it !

hey guys i have just noticed my last blog post was 100th blog post and this blog as hit 2600 page views thank you for reading this blog.

I started this blog because I read a lot of blogs and thought it looked like fun I was interested. I never thought that nine months down the line I would have written this may posts had this many views or have so many of you looking on this blog very day. Fun fact this blog get around 600 page veiws a month and it is all down to you guys I know to some people that is nothing but my little blog this a big deal for me .It big deal for me that i am still writing this blog lol .If think this is silly that I am making big deal out of this then thats fine but as said this a big deal for me I got excited I when I got one follower on this blog lol .

thank you all 
bye guys 

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