19 September 2013

Yes nurse ! protect your lovely hands

hey guys so today going to be talking about a hand cream I choose for my mini beauty box from latest in beauty . 

Now you all know that hand cream wise I love the hemp one from body shop I reviewed on here before so here is  the link. This from a company called yes nurse it is meant to treat and repair your hands in just one use now before you get excited it doesn't do this. This could because I have the driest hands on the planet but for me this did nothing . It feels very nice on the hands and is very creamy but other than that it didn't do anything for the dryness on my hands at tall. I think with hand creams and such you can tell with a couple of uses if it going to do anything I got three uses out of this sample and I didn't feel that it did anything its not expensive at £5.49 for 50ml but I could pay the same and get my hemp that does work . Just a note to say did apply this before went to sleep so it had time to work . I know others that love this product but it is just not for me that's all if you want go try go for it but in my opinion it doesn't work . 

bye guys 

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