06 October 2013

A Sunday Night Treat : planet spa heavenly hydration face mask

Hey guys so  a bit of impromptu half a sleep blogging for you tonight a face mask I recently tried out which I thought would be very appropriate for a Sunday night blog post  

Its a planet spa one I brought from Avon called heavenly hydration and I will tell you this it does leave you skin feeling nice and soft and hydrated so that's a good start . The thing I like most about this product is the fact that when you apply you just look like have just moisturised because is just makes your skin shiny it not a weird colour or anything. it a very nice light gel like texture and it applies to the skin well and once you wash it off it doesn't  make you skin feel oily or like there is residue on it. As well as all this it is not that expensive I think when I got this it was on offer 2 planet spa items for 5 pounds on it own it was no more than a fiver but  wanted the facial oil too review on that soon. Sunday always seem like a day to pamper your self or is that just me ? 

bye guys

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