30 October 2013

accessorize merged baked blusher

hey guys so we are back to normal after yesterday dont forget leave me you thought on thats through twitter or comment on the post .

Today I am going to talk to you about the accessorize merged baked blusher however as with most baked blushes its more of a highlighter . I couldn't get swatch for you guys because the light is rubbish because the weather is rubbish . However the shade I have quiver which was not what I wanted I wanted sensation buti picked this up by mistake. However this is more of a subtle highlight then sensation. It is only £4.95 which is really good as is a really nice product with a good amount of pigment. if you on the look out  for a good drug store highlighter I think this would do you just fine . The accessorize make up range is available  in superdrug. They also have some amazing eye shadow palettes which I might go back an get one of them . Would highly recommend this a drugstore highlighter for the price it is very good link to product here . Plus how pretty is that packaging it seems to be hold up well .   

bye guys 

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