03 October 2013

Barry M gelly hi shine nail paint

Hey guys  so today I going to be talking about the nail polish I have wearing this week I am late on the band wagon with this one though.

This the colour I have been wearing on my nails for the past month as soon as September hits for me winter starts . In winter and fall /autumn I always wear red and dark purples on my nails so since September hit I have worn this on may nails . For me I hate painting my nails and it frustrates me because I with two days if I am lucky it will be chipped and need repainting . This lasted around week on me before it got so I had to paint them gain. They chipped on day 3 but it was only at the edge of my nail and it wasn't too bad . Barry M is available at boots and superdrug and if you struggle with chipping nail polish I would recommend trying this . 

bye guys 

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