17 October 2013

chat time

Hey guys you know how I love to ramble to you guys and been at least week since I have done chatty post so I am writing this a twenty to one in the morning.

If you follow me on twitter you will know why I am up this late as I was glued to you tube I think I need help so let have chat . First of all I would just like to welecome a few of you to my blog as there are few more followers have joined us through google +. Next thing is that would like to say is that I was very surprised and delighted with the response from my OOTD the other day and I think I may do I few more fashion posts on here as we horsesfashionbeauty and we only ever really concentrate on the beauty . Also I get paid in 12 days not like I am counting so there will most likely be haul on you tube channel no I haven't forgot about it I have just been have real issues getting videos to upload. I have loads of beauty reviews for you coming up but I think I might try to do fashion post say very week or so seeing as you guys seem to like them .

 However if there is anything that you like me to review let me know either comment on this blog post or tweet me and I do have  facebook page so you can like and tell me on there . I am currently trying to upload get ready with me on you channel now it an autumn/fall one and the will be FOTD on that at some point so look out for that . My blog posts should be come more regular even though when I go back I am work 5 day in row but I am sure a will be to schedule you a few so you don't miss out. Thats really all I wanted to say I know this probably wont make since  due to the hour but I just felt the need to blog . As always my   links to my you tube facebook twitter are in the side bar  so be sure to come follow those and leave comments below as will read an reply .  

bye guys

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