26 October 2013

collection lasting perfection ultamate wear concealer

Hey the product I am going to talk about today is another one that has had a lot of hype of you tube it is the the collection concealer.

I have the colour light 2 which is a tad dark for under my eyes but that is fine as I don't like it for under eyes as I find too drying . I think this is why it tends to crease really easy under my eyes ans why it goes quite crêpey under the eyes as well . Although people have said you can correct this with a good eye cream I haven't tried this as I am not in to eye creams .what this concealer is amazing at is covering redness and blemishes and this is what I have been using it for . I have quit a lot of redness on my chin I don't recall get blemishes but when I do use this. I never use the applicator as prefer to use it from the back of my  hand and apply with a clean brush. Also this way if you are using on blemishes you are not spreading the bacteria there for preventing more blemishes. I would repurchase it but I don't think is it worth all its hype on the internet.

bye guys 

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