23 October 2013

maybeline colour tattoo metallic pomegranate

Hey guys I am back with a maybelline colour tattoo I want say review because I have already reviewed it linked here.

This is metallic pomegranate this has become my fall make up staple I just love the colour and it is so trend . if you want to see how I use it I did I video on my you tube channel link here . It has the perfect amount of shimmer to it with out be over the top so cans till worn everyday.

I love these things they are such good quality and they are so cheap why splash out on a mac paint pot when you these. Rumour has it that they are bringing out matte shades in the us let hope they travel here as they are amazing . If I am wearing an eye shadow on a everyday basis it will be one of these . Available at boots and super drug go grab one I would highly recommend defiantly worth they hype they are given. 

bye guys 
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  1. I have this shade! I haven't used it yet as I got it very recently, but in your swatch it looks beautiful! :)


  2. you defiantly need try it you can build it up and looks lovely in an evening or just tap on with you finger lightly and it great everyday