28 October 2013

No7 beautiful skin bb cream

hey guys so today we are going to forget we are now in winter time and go back to the summer just for this post .

This BB cream was my summer essential as it is for dry skin which mine is my chin I cant even put foundation on a the minute as it is that dry and flaky. This a very typical BBcream it is  what you would expect it is very lightweight and has light possably medium  coverage . The thing I love the most is that No7 have tried  make a BB cream to suit everyone's skin type which is impossible but you should be able to find a happy meduim .The BB cream comes for dry/verydry skin ,normal /dry skin and normal /oily skin. 

The shade range I am not going to lie is rubbish fair medium and dark. I have medium which is obviously too dark for me now because I brought it in the summer but there was practically no difference between the medium and fair . It would be better if they used there normal shade range but for things like tinted moistures and BB creams it is very rare companies  do this for some reason. The thing I don't understand about this product is the price I just dont think is it worth £12.95. I love some of the No7 make up but I do thing it can be quite pricey for the drug store but then it would be classed as drug store does anyone know ? Well is boots own brand so suppose it would be .

bye guys

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