21 October 2013

No7 instant radiance concealer

Hey guys so today I am back with a concealer review I have used this product in past few get ready with me on my you tube there will video on there soon just waiting for lights to come .

I like this concealer but I am not sure I would repurchase this for one reason and that is its has shimmer in it which I would expect because of the radiance part but this is almost glittery . As it wears you see this and glitter under your eyes is not the most attractive look I am I right . I wouldn't say this is so much a concealer but more of a under eye highlighter . If your dark circles are really bad like mine are it doesn't really cover anything but if you are just looking for something to brighten under your eyes then it a good product . For me though it not worth the £12.97 . This product is available at boots I wouldn't recommend but it depends what you want from an under eye concealer. 

bye guys 
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