31 October 2013

This or That tag

Hey guys so today I am going to do a tag I saw this on kimmi blog book of beauty blog it is the this and that tag . 

This is going to be long post as there is a fair few question so I suggest you grab a drink and get comfy . 

Make up 

blush or bronzer ?

I would say blush as I don't really wear bronzer on an everyday bases and I am loving my cream blushes by mua 

lipstick or ligloss

lipstick dont even have to think about it I rarey wear lipgloss as I cant find on that no too sticky , 

eyeliner or mascara ?

mascara again not really an eyeliner girl 

foundation or concealer? 

I don't know because most days I just use concealer and some powder and bit of blush but then you can build foundation when you need so probably foundation I really don't know as rarely use it so concealer .

neutral or colour eyeshadow?

Neutral all the way but I have hood eyes so rarely wear but gold eye shadow make my blue eyes pop

pressed or loose power ?

loose is just messy so pressed 


opi or china glaze ?

long or short nails ? 


acrylic or natural ?

never had acrylic as I have good strong natural nails 

bright or dark?


flower or no flower?

dunno how I would do a flower on my nail but if did I would have a flower


perfume or body spray? 

perfume as I have loads and they last ages unlike body spray plus I am allergic to aureoles

lotion or butter? 

I rarely use either but I love my ganier 7 day intensive body lotion so lotion

LUSH or other bath companies? 

I hate lush I cant go in the stores the smell gives me and headache and I don't like baths 


dresses or skirts ?

dresses as they are more flattering on me but I don't really wear then oops 

stripes or plaid?


flip flops or sandals?

sandals so pretty and cute 

scarves or hats ?

scarves I live in them most of the time in fact I have just brought a new one 

necklaces or bracelets ?

I would say rings if that was an option but it not so necklaces because bracelets fall off me because I have child sized wrists.

jacket or hoodies?

I would love to say jackets but get then to fit and look right on is impossible so hoodies


curly or straight ?

My hair naturally is curly but quite a lot of the time it is up and if its down I straighten it 

bun or ponytail?


bobby pins or butterfly clips?

bobby pins 

hair spray or hair gel ?

hair spray 

long or short?

At the moment my hair is at my shoulders but I prefer it long but had a lot cut off because it was all damaged

light or dark?


side sweep or full on bangs (fringe)?

I have had it both ways but at the moment I have a fringe 

up or down ?

up a lot of the time 


rain or shine?
shine I love the sun 

summer or winter ?


autumn or spring ?

spring it not too cold not worm love it

chocolate or vanilla ?

vanilla not chocolate girl 

bye guys hope you enjoyed this tag if you want to do this tag then I tag you 

bye guys 


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