26 November 2013

chatting and ideals

Hey guys I have some things I want to share and run past you that may sound silly i know but hey ho . 

Soon This blog will be a year old and like to do something for that do you have any ideas I thought about give away but I don't how many of you would be interested in that or what to put in it  . I did think about putting in a lot of UK only brands as I know lot of you read this are in the US . Let me know what you think I should do and if you would like a give way then let know what sorts of things should I stick in there .

The next thing I want to ask you is about google + or the emery as I have started to refer to as now some of you follow me though this but because you tube and google + are linked .I have another page which actually horses fashion beauty. So I do I switch this blog over to that I you re follow on that or would you rather I kept the way it is now. Let me in the comments as will reply or twitter .  The last thing I wanted to ask is there anything in particular you like to me to review like any avon stuff or anything really but know you like the Avon posts . Again let me know in the comments or tweet me as would love to know your ideas .   
bye guys 

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