11 November 2013

chatty post was meant to be top 5 under £5 oops

Hey guys I am sorry I have been away a few days I have been having blogger block so I thought I would take a few days off but I have been uploading on my you tube channel though .

I have put up three videos this week I just have been finding sitting in front of a camera so much easier than trying to sit here and force my self to blog.
Although my blog came before my you tube I was always more interested you tube but I was too scared to make the video and put them up.

 Blogging was my way of getting my thoughts and ideas out there with out having to show my face. I would really love it if that now I am putting up more regular you tube videos on my channel if you would go over check them out and subscribe as I post blog posts about the videos I have made and I have the time to make them now so I have loads stock piled for you guys . The great thing about blogging is I can do it at three in morning when I cant sleep and so may of you read from other parts of the world that I will still get views and  tweets from you guys and its lovely. 

This wasn't meant to be a chatty blog post it was meant to be the blog post to go with youtube video I put up to day lol tangent much oops . Any way is the link to the video I put up earlier there are plenty more to come so please go subscribe but I still think I love my blog more than you tube.Thanks guys for listening to babble if you go subscribe to my you tube channel let me know in the comments as will always read and reply to you or tweet me if you follow me on twitter links in the side bar. 

bye guys 

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