19 November 2013

chit chat and changes

hey guys sorry there was now blog post yesterday but it was a complicated day i am uploading a video on my you tube channel today . 

It was going be a sit down chit chatty video about changes on channel and on this blog its more on my channel than to my blog but just keep you all the the loop I thought I best post it here too. It also as a clip of my new makeup setup which I will be doing a blog post on soon. Before you watch it i will warn you it a long so grab a drink maybe snack before you start . Leave me your thoughts in the comments as will always reply remember you can always tweet me with blog post requests and video requests . So check out the video and subscribe but watch the video to find out why . also hoping to do a give way on here soon so give me ideas on things I should put in it .

bye guys 

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