04 November 2013

style low

Hey guys so I am writing this post at completely the wrong time because it probably the time I am at my most reflective . As it is the end of the day and is about ten to one in the morning when I should be asleep but we wont mention that . The reason this is post is called style low is because well the is what I am experiencing at the moment I have all these I ideas for outfits and I am well be honest a but to short and not quite thin enough to carry them  off. the biggest problem have at the mintue is blazer can i find one that fits and look right and doesnt box me no and it is so annoying to me . i can picture my self in some like this

this was in Patricia bright work wear video link here and her blog here link here 

But can I carry it off no I really cant because the blazer would box me and make look at shorter and dumper than I am is one else shorter and experiences this. I am sorry I am going on rant but I know I mustn't be the only on that struggles like this . I know I could be really stylish and chic because I know how to put things together but I am not because I short and I have odd proportions I struggle to find things that fit and flatter .Its hard when you work in clothing shop and you see you work collogues in there "uniform" and they look so good in the outfits they picked and their's me in the dip hem top and tapered black pants because it fit and it comfy and there in the leather look jeans and blazer . I am sorry guys I a really ranting but if you have this problem please tell me tweet me comment if you are the same. I love my figure I don't think I am fat or anything like that I just struggle to find clothes to flatter my shape. please let me know if are the same ?

bye guys 

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