25 November 2013

sunday night treats : sanctuary body scrub

hey guys so this is going to be about the body scrub I have been using for the past few months yes months I don't exfoliate my body as much as probably should. 

The thing I love about this scrub is that it is not really grainy and bitty and chunky but you can still feel it doing its job . I use this across my shoulders and chest and on my legs maybe once a fortnight. However if I have sunburn I use this because I find it help the skin to recover better especially when I use body butter after or after sun really helps. I know sanctuary is and can be expensive but when thing how often you use a scrub it not something you are going to use up every week or every month like a body wash . This isn't that expensive at £5.50 for this 200ml tube I would defiantly buy this again . As far as I am aware sanctuary is only available at boots 
enjoy . 

bye guys

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