12 November 2013

top 5 under £5

Hey guys this post was meant to go up yesterday but I went on a tangent and ended up being a chit chatty post instead .  

So before I lose track of what I am talking about let get on with the post. Yesterday I put a video top five under £5 this is fairly popular on you tube  and it just your top 5 products under £5. So mine are the following the first you can probably guess is the maybeline colour tattoo I love all three of the ones I have but the one I mention in the video is permanent taupe . This is a really love neutral colour great for pairing with other shadows I wouldn't wear this on its own.

The second in my top five is the collection concealer but I think actually if  where doing the in order of best to worsted then this would lower in the list. The third product is the MUA undress me too palette but this really just represents any MUA shadow as they are all just have such good pigmentation and colour pay off the individual ones more than the palettes. 

The next one is carmex you guys if you watch my videos will know I love this stuff .It has saved my lip more times than I care to mention and if doing this in order it would probably be top of the list . The finial thing is the MUA cream blushes such good pigmentation so easy blend suitable for every one I have a review on these will link it here

I will link the video here be sure to go check it out and subscribe to my channel for more videos .If there is anything you like to see on this blog or on my channel let me know . Every thing mentioned is available in superdrug  and most things in boots as well apart form MUA

bye guys 

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