28 December 2013

Colossal volum' waterproof mascara

Hey guys it been a while since a did a make up review so hold on to you hats because thats what today's post is I last did a make up review in the middle of November !So lets get cracking

So this is a mascara I used to use when I first started using make up back when i was about 15 and was jsut wearing a bit of mascara to school lol. When I discovered the falise I thought I had found its better but I was wrong. This mascara is still my holy grail and
 will explain why it beat the falise in a second . 

It stays longer it doesn't flake I can but this on in morning and still have the same volume and length at the end of the day . I found the falsie I had lost all the length  and just kept the volume not what I want because it flakes off and ends up under my eyes not a good a look . This lasts all day not flaking and has great effect on the lashes as I hope you can see above .The formular  of this mascara is also dryer that others I think this is what add the extra staying power . If I had to pick between this and falise this would always win great mascara from the drug store  highly recommend it . 

bye guys 

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