10 December 2013

i love make up tag

Heys so today I am doing a tog post i don't do these super often but i saw this on a blog an thought yes this is gooden . 

This wont be a very long as it only had four question but never mind it questions you can give decent length answers to. 

1. When did you begin loving make up ?

I cant actually remember I never wore make up until I met my  oldest  sister who wore everyday. So I probably started wearing it about 13 ish but loving wasn't really until I was in 16-17 and I was in college. I Could wear more make up than I could when I was in school so that probably when I started really experimenting with things and there was no going back lol . 

2. How do you feel with out make up ? 

I am fortunate that although my skin is dry I don't have bad skin it quite smooth and I don't really have large pores or get blemishes. So I feel fine with out make up on but it just make up for me just helps me feel a bit more put together . I work in shop with the public it nice to put a bit make up on a look a bit more presentable. On my days off I don't tend to wear it in all honesty and if I do it general just concealer under my eyes and mascara .     

3. what do you love about make up?

I love everything about make up but the main thing I do like is how different people can look and not necessarily in a bad way. My other sister who is still older than me but she is the middle one of the three of us. Never wears make up and when she does I do it for her because she can so the basics but eye shadow she doesn't really know what to do . It amazing how different she looks and like that you can see the more perfected looking you .  

4. Three holy grail make up products ?  

This is hard as I flit so much between products so much but I will give my currents but this migth change . The first one is the revlon just bitten kissable balms stains probably the one in honey as it is a lovely everyday colour . Then next at the moment would be the maybelline the falise mascara I love it it gives my lashes so much volume and length at the same time. The third a finial one is a difficult its between the colour tattoos or the collection illuminating concealer . I love both but have quite few colour tattoos but the concealer is amazing I will be reviewing it soon . I don't know either  .

thats it for this tag i hope you enjoyed it feel free to do this tag if you have blog or even a youtube channel probably more blog one or let me know in the comments.

bye guys

p.s primark and beauty haul went up on channel earlier this week so check it out link

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