05 December 2013

lets talk about coffee

Hey guys today is lifestyle chatty post as I am not in work till late tomorrow so I thought I would get my blog on . 

Yes the picture for this blog post is costa coffee cup but look how cute it is so this is the theme for this blog post coffee. I rarely drink coffee for many reasons one being I cant make coffee to save me life well not nice coffee . However today with it being so cold I decided today to go to costa and get one. I got a salted caramel latte which when I told my boyfriend this thought it sound thoroughly disgusting but it wasn't . It was like Christmas in cup this got me thinking though that maybe if I could  have nice coffee I would drink it a bit more not lots because I have been there with caffeine addiction back when I was addicted to full fat coke the drink.  One maybe twice  a week maybe it would be  nice to be able to have them . If I brought two a week at £3 odd that would be 6 maybe 7 pounds a week . Then I thought I would look at coffee makers a lot of which are on sale at half price at the moment . I dont know maybe that slippery slop to drink cups upon cups of coffee a day what do you think ? I could get a tassimmo coffee machine for £40 and they do the costa pods so I could have  Carmel latte all I wanted . Maybe this is dangerous root I don't know tell me your thoughts this  I don't know  if it worth it for the amount I would use it . Sorry this was bit a ramble but I really just want to share the cup with you so cute .

bye guys

p.s See you Sunday and my favourites video is uploading as we speak 

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