31 December 2013

new years resolutions and a bit of a chat

Hey guys so it is new years eve today and i am in work today but i am writing this before i go well hopefully it will be done in time .

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This blog only started last year on the 11/12/12 and I am really pleased with how far it has come in its year the followers I have gained, the people that followed me on twitter and gave me your suggestions. So I am going to make some new resolutions to you and you can all shout at me if I fail lol.

So I will contuine to post as much as I can now for most of the year that has been everyday and if I can do that I will but I am not going to stress if I cant I will post at least 3 times a week and I know around Christmas time it was only once but I was work 42+ hours a week and didn't have time .

You tube I don't what to do about this I really need you feedback on this one.This year I tried to make an effort with my tube and for a couple of weeks I did post videos 3 times a week . However do you guys want that I love doing you tube it is fun but it is very time consuming as you have to have the right light ect . So what do you guys want to do mostly blog and the occasion haul or vlog on my YouTube channel or do you me to leave it please let me know as I don't have a clue .

All in all things on my blog aren't really going  change I will post as often as I can if you have anything you want to see let me know.I also plan to do anther week like Avon week as you guys seem to really enjoy that. Please let me know what you want to do with my channel as I have know idea. Thank you all for all support this year and if you don't follow this blog please come join us links to every in the side bar.

happy new year !

bye guys 

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