08 December 2013

Sunday night treats : Avon foot works healthy rough skin remover

Hey guys sticking with the foot care theme from last week I have another foot product for you this one from avon .

I have the most awful rough hard skin on my feet because I walk funny I roll in on my feet so I use this foot scrub to help . I use this before I get in the shower as you are meant to leave it for thirty seconds before washing it off . I really like I do think it helps along with a good foot cream and foot file .
It really helps to soften the skin so it is easer to get rid off and it does remover some of the less stubborn hard skin when you wash it off . I think it is very useful product to have about and I would repurchase it . It wasn't overly expensive I don't think it was any more than I fiver so definitely worth a try. As always you get Avon online or from you local representative. I have a few blog posts for this week so keep your eyes peeled and a primark haul so went up on my tube channel earlier if you want to check that out link.

bye guys 

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