29 December 2013

Sunday Night Treats : Clinque take of the day cleansing balm

Hey guys so it that day of the week again where we normal talk about some sort of skin care treat. So today I am going to talk about he cleanser I have been using for the past few months. 

First of all I know this a high end product and not every on it going to want to spend 21pounds on cleanser . However if I am going to spend money on some thing I am going to spend it on my skin because that is something that is always on display and I dont like to wear make up everyday .

I use this at night time as it removes all my makeup even my waterproof mascara which is a hard thing for anything to do. when you first scoop a chunk out it I while soild then you rub it on you skin and it doesnt turn in to oil as much as more of milk. They you simple take wash cloth and warm water and take it off .
 It leaves your skin so soft and feeling clean but stripped like some foaming cleansers can do . If you are fan of the Emma Hardie balm cleanser I would definitely suggest giving the this a try as there is a £15 difference between the two.  Expect some high end products on this blog as did go and get some of the things on my wish list earlier in the week eek excited  ! 

bye guys 

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