16 December 2013

sunday night treats : Oatifix fresh face mask

Hey guys so this sunday night treats on a monday oops sorry I have just been uber duper busy recently . So as you all know I am not fond of lush but there face masks and lip scrub are the best but I order them online I never go in a lush store as the smell just knocks me sick and gives me a headache.

So I have this face mask on right now because I have been getting bumps on my jawline because the skin is so dry . Plus I didn't take my make up off last night I know naughty so my skin has been so dry and tight and itchy . This is very nice mask as it does set but not to the point where you cant move you face the graininess of the oats helps to exfoliate your face as cool and calm your skin .
When you wash you face your skin feels so soft and moisturised and calm . You don't have to apply to a clean face I have but this over make up as it has cleansing ingredient in it plus when you wash it off the oats the exfoliate you face bring some of the make up to. I would definitely  recommend this to some one that sufferers with dry irritated skin .  Right I am going to go and wash this off now but all I will say is keep your eye peeled on this blog as they is an exciting blog post coming up as this blog is now a year old .

bye guys 

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