27 December 2013

Wishlist - Christmas high end edition

Hey I did one of these a round this time this year so I thought I would do another one for you today so here we go.

all the pictures are from the debenhams website 

Marc jobs honey I had to have this as soon as I smelt it I got daisy for Christmas which is a lovely sent but it hasn't settled my huge I still would like the honey which only 40 pounds in boots so I think this is one of my definites  .

I would like one of the naked palettes but I am not sure which one I want weather I want the naked 2 or 3 palette both have colours I know I would use a lot in them which one would you go for. the professional primer has been on many of wish lists but I have never  brought myself to go and get but really this just represent benefit as there are lots of things that interest and I cant help but love there packaging.

Talking of packaging lets talk about lipsticks I am mean one special  lipstick the YSL lipsticks they are like works of art. I imagine there is nothing that would look better sat on you dressing table that one of those . The finial thing is Clarins lip balm I had one of these years ago and I used it all and never repurchased and it something I would desperately like back in my collection I wore it all though my school years and I loved it .Oh and I nearly forgot the channel foundation I have my eye on it the vita Lumière I want light high foundation so see if high end foundation are worth the money or not really .

So that's it for my wish list this year it all high end stuff but I don't own any high end make up so I think with any Christmas money I get I might invest in few bits and pieces and review them for you guys obviously. Let me know what's on your wish list this year for Christmas or what you plan to get in the sales in comments or on twitter.

bye guys

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