08 January 2014

8 days in and I have already failed Marc Jacobs daisy

Hey guys so I have already failed at my new resolution to blog as often as can and I haven't blogged once in the new year I am sorry I will try and pull it back in to focus. 

Today I am going to talked you about a perfume I have been loving recently so this not just going to be a long chatty blog post it does have point honest . I got this for Christmas it is the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume I wanted the honey but I got this and I am so glad . I love it I have worn it every day since I got it it such a nice scent . I will find the notes and list them at the end but it is such a nice transitional scent between winter and spring . I love this scent and if you are one of those people that dont mind spend money on fragrance I would definitely  recommend it. The notes are Top notes :strawberry, violet leaves  Mid notes :violet petals ,jasmine bouquet  Base notes : musk , vanilla infusion. 

bye guys 

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