30 January 2014

No7 airbrush away primer

Hey guys so I have had this in my drafts for while as brought this in June/July time but this primer I was obsessed with for such a long time.

I loved this primer it was so nice it felt nice on the skin not too silicone like but still nice and smooth. My foundation went on like a dream this primer is the one that  started me on primers. Before that I never thought to try them as I had dry skin. So didn't think there was point I thought they where just for oily skins. But this one changed that I never repurchased the full size as although I liked it I didn't think it was worth the £19.50. Says the girl who has just spent £24.50 on the porefessional. I love this I would get the full size now I have tried a few and know a bit more . It is good for sensitive skin I tried some on my sister and was fine as she has really sensitive acne prone skin. It available on boot but I think only on line never seen it in store link here . I would definitely recommend it now I am going to write and schedule my weekend post so I don't forget lol . Getting organized I might do a post on let me know if you like that.

bye guys 

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