18 January 2014

The weekend post

Hey guys so I am going to give you a lifestyle update type post today as I am not using my laptop to do this so i don't have my camera memory card or pictures with me.

So why I am not on my laptop because I am with my boyfriends as he is uni so I am with him using his gaming rig to write this. Second thing I want to tell you  is the blogging schedule I am thinking of so you guys know what days to expect post from me. So I want to blog three times a week on a Tuesday Wednesday and on one day of the weekend that could be a Saturday or a Sunday night treats post or you could get both.  They way I am thinking of working this is  two beauty posts it could be review or a new beauty product in my make up bag post then on weekend a lifestyle type post/Sunday night treats. If you not following this blog in some way then go follow me on twitter as that where I post all my blog updates.  Also guys I am  back on my healthy eating kick so if you guys what to see my meals and stuff I did start a food blog a while ago but lost interest so if you like to pick that back up and do food dairies on there I would be happy to that or just  put a food tab on this blog . I also want to a blog post on my every day make up at the minute as I am really happy with it doesn't take long and its look fairy natural but still like you have makeup on kind of thing so let me that might be Tuesdays post  any way let know your ideas thats it for today guys.

bye guys 

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