26 January 2014

tmi tag

Hey guys Iam going to another tag for you today it the tmi tag it was youtube tag but I have adapted it for blogging hope you enjoy

heart out line form here 

1: What are you wearing? 
a keep calm and canter on hoodie form ebay and a black one form littlewoods and black jean from next

2: Ever been in love? 

yes for past three years cheesy i no

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? 

no not really my last break up he just stop talking to me 

4: How tall are you? 


5: How much do you weigh?
any where be 9 and 9 and half stone


6: Any tattoos? 


7: Any piercings? 

just my ears 

8: OTP? 


9: Favourite show? 

Gilmore girls google if you dont know what it is 

10: Favourite bands? 

nickleback and i love pink

11: Something you miss? 

seeing my beat friend.

12: Favourite song?

this changes to much but at the mintue it is true love by pink 

13: How old are you?


14: Zodiac sign? 


15: Quality you look for in a partner? 

trust worth and sense of humour

16: Favourite Quote? 

17: Favourite actor? 

huge grant, martin clunes ,sandra bullock

18: Favourite color? 


19: Loud music or soft? 


20: Where do you go when you're sad? 
i used to go my horse now i go to my boyfriends or for a walk 

21: How long does it take you to shower? 


22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

15 mins 

23: Ever been in a physical fight? 

not as such 

24: Turn on?

nice smelling 

25: Turn off? 

over confidence

26: The reason I started a blog? 

looked like fun 

27: Fears? 


28: Last thing that made you cry? 

when i had give my horse in april 

29: Last time you said you loved someone? 

a few hours ago when i saw my boyfriend 

30: Meaning behind your blog Name? 
it summed up everything i wanted my blog to be about 

31: Last book you read? 
the women that went to bed for a year 

32: The book you're currently reading?

you had me at hello

33: Last show you watched? 

34: Last person you talked to? 
my mother 

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 

me mother

36: Favourite food?


37: Place you want to visit?


38: Last place you were?
mums friends house  

39: Do you have a crush?

40: Last time you kissed someone? 

a few hours ago

41: Last time you were insulted? 


42: Favourite flavour of sweet? 

lemon drizzle

43: What instruments do you play?? 


44: Favourite piece of jewellery?

necklace my boyfriend gave me

45: Last sport you played? 
are you kidding I don't play sport 

46: Last song you sang? 

the pink panther theme tune 

47: Favourite chat up line?

dont have one 

48: Have you ever used it?


49: Last time you hung out with anyone? 

this afternoon 

50: Who should answer these questions next?

anyone who wants to 

bye guys

sorry i missed the weekend blame the boyfriend 

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