10 February 2014

I fail at winged eye liner

Hey so yes we are posting on Monday unusual but I have been playing about with liner this morning trying to crack it and I thought I would share my attempt.

So this is both eyes once I fiddled with it till I thought they looked kind of right now I want to know  I am doing it right and just don't like on myself or I am like properly doing it wrong some one  please tell me 

This was like the first attempt and it went ok but the wing looked disjointed so I made the line thicker picture below.

This was the thicker line but this took alot of fiddling with que tip to get that line just right so does anyone else have this problem ? Is it maybe because at the age of nearly 20 I have hooded eyes anyone  know please let me know .I will respond you comments I always do but I really need the answer to the question I am doing it right and it just not for me or I am doing it wrong and hating it ? Let me know can you do winged eye liner also do you like this type of post do you  want more of my beauty fails I thought this would be a good one because I cant be the only one that struggles. I have tried all tips that beauty bloggers and vlogger say doing the wing first then joining it up doing the the line first following my waterline I just cant crack it   leave me comments and tweets .

bye guys

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