05 February 2014

January Favourites Part One - Bath,Body and hair care

Hey guys today I am going to do you a favourites I am going going to a favourites post for it will be in two part bath,body and hair then tomorrow I will do the make up favourites so let crack on.

So I will start with bath and body as they are only a few then I will get in to hair care which is the most of it .  So the first thing is the soap and glory foam call body wash I love this stuff  it smells so nice it smells so fresh and fruity. it lathers up so well which I have found is hard in body wash with out having to use a shower puff and this one there is no need for any puff. The second thing I have had for a while and that is the garnier body 7 days intensive moisturiser. I going out with body moisturising but I have fallen back in love this one I don't if it is because it has been cold .But I have be loving using this which is great for my dry skin and it smells divine It the grape one  go try it if you haven't.

Now hair you will see why I have to split this post in two I am going to start will washing it I have coloured hair and I find a lot of shampoo strip the colour and leave it feeling dry. The one I have been using lately is the schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair ultimate colour shampoo. I love it helps retain my colour as well leaving my feeling clean but not weighed down and not stripped. In combination with this I have been using the vo5  nourish my shine conditioner this makes hair feel soft but again with out weighing it down.

The next thing is the the Avon  advance techniques curl shaping mouse but this in my when it towel dry tip my head up side down . I then just run and scrunch it though my hair and I also blow dry up side . the next product  I also use in the same way and that's the tousles spray it the vo5 give me texture spray. The finial thing is the batiste dry shampoo in cherry mainly because it smells amazing I use this once a blue I am not a major dry shampoo  use but it smell great .
Thats it for today tomorrow will have the make up favourites of the month tomorrow if you go tot he end this post well done and I will see you all tomorrow . 

bye guys 


  1. Love this post! Favourites posts are the best as I always love how varied they are!
    Great blog! :D


    1. thanks:D glad your back on your blog .Its definitely something I am going to do every couple of months gives me chance to mention things I might not necessarily review xx