12 February 2014

midweek round up

Hey guys this is not the only blog post going up to day but I wanted to let you know I have started to upload on my channel again . two videos have gone up so far this week and intend to make and edit some to go up later this week . I am not planning to make schedule for my channel just yet but there will be at least two videos up a week . The first one that went up was grwm date night I thought you find useful since it is valentines day on friday.

Note I need to list the products in the description box of this video but I will do that dont worrie. The next one was a what's in my make up bag now I not going to attempt to list all the products on this video as we would be all day if you want to see what I have been using a reviews that might possible  be come you way then i would recommend you watch this .


So yeah I will always post my recent video on here or least let you know there is one up but if you want to keep up then go subscribe to my channel or follow me on twitter to get the latest on videos and blog posts. I would appreciate it alot and if do go subscribe tweet me and tell me or leave it in the comments on this blog post . just let you know all my youtube videos are in 1080p

see you in  later with another blog post 

  bye guys 

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