28 February 2014

Mua Undress Your Skin Foundation

Hey guys it been a while I am sorry I have just had the busiest week I was going so well with my schedule so let see if we can get back on track this week. So today is the my reveiw on my new obsession the mua undress your skin foundation. 

So this has been my go to foundation recently it has I nice amount of coverage a really nice finish to it and the colour match is great on me. So this is a light to medium coverage but I would say it is quite buildable so you if you have redness you could build it to the coverage required.

The only downside to this foundation is that it only comes in three shades porcelain, beige and golden so if struggle to match your foundation you might have to buy two shades and mix. Lucy the porcelain one matches me perfectly. 

I would highly recommend this foundation it has a lovely dewy finish and very reasonably priced it is currently £3 on there website  so if you want to try go get it now. It is normaly £5 but it is a really good budget foundation lovely finish without being really shimmery lasts well in the skin. mua is available in superdrug and at the website here

bye guys

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