23 February 2014

sexy mother pucker gloss stick in nudist

Hey so today is review on the lip product I have  been obsessed with and that is the soap and glory gloss stick in nudist. 

I don't know why but recently this has been my go to lip product at the moment when I first brought this product I wasn't too keen. I think that was just because it was a gloss stick and I am not  particularly a gloss person . Over time thought  I have really come to love as it smells delightful like vanilla  its one of the best smelling lip product I own. Now I know for some people smell is not the be all end all but at then end of the day it is going on your mouth which is under your nose so if you don't like the smell then your not gonna wanna smell it all day while your wearing therefore probably not wear it it same if a lip product doesn't taste nice.

Anyway I  kind of went off on a bit of tangent there so let back down to it this product is really good for on the go. The colour I have is nudist which is a really nice nude great for everyday wear and as you can see is multipurpose because it is so glossy you don't need a lip gloss over the top . It feels nice on the lips it is not overly sticky which was my main concern when I brought it that is was going to be really sticky and I wouldn't get my use of out it. But I was was wrong as I said at the moment this is all I have been using this or a tinted baby lips . It also layer well you can out quite a few layers on and it doesn't go bitty like some lip products  which is a great bonus. I would definitely recommend it and they are the same price as most other lip crayons they are available at boots here  and it comes in 5 different colours.

bye guys 

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