19 February 2014

water bottles ,pulled back and migraine

Hey guys so this is very odd title for a blog post but I promise you eventually it will all make sense if you keep reading.
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So first thing you maybe wondering  is why so many blog posts last week well it is because  had the week off.  so have had the luxury of being able to sit down everyday and blog and tweet till my hearts content. I also now have the blogger app on my phone  u write this  am   bus on the way to work very handy app. 

Moving on  am on a bid to drink more water and with out a water bottle that just won't happen as I forget I think oh I will  get a drink in minute and the forget.  If I have a water bottle I have it with me all the time and will drink it just because it's there or I am bored. So I have been looking for good water bottles thus week any suggestions let me know. 

You maybe wondering why the bid to drink more water? It is  because I have been getting headaches and migraines and I think drinking more might help  I have been to the doctors and she has given me a few things to try.  I have this headache for so long I have named it the beast. Any way moving on to other things I want to tell you.  

The finial thing is  pulled my back lifting bed to get my laptop charger from underneath it.  It got a lot better as I am writing this but note to self don't go lifting heavy beds on your own you will hurt your self.  That's it for today's blog post I will in my next one. 

Bye guys 

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