19 March 2014

A week in the world of lips : loreal stain splash juliet

Hey guys so how you enjoying this week so far I am  finding drafts I have had for long to tim for lip products I have had for a long time .

This is the l'oreal dupe for the ysl glossy stain it stays well the only real downfall to this is that they are very sticky and that is not something that is liked in lip products . I totally get why not a attractive when your hair is stuck to your mouth.

The reason I haven't done a hand swatch on this on is because they are exactly the same colour the colour in the tube  the colour that goes on your lips. Despite the fact that it is a very sticky formula it is not drying and it quite creamy and comfortable to wear on the lips. I don't wear these as often as I would like because I just forget about them plus the colour range is not the best . they are not a bad product and I would recommend you try them as they are very good long lasting good for busy girls that don't want /have the time to touch up. these are available from boots and superdrug at 7.99 so if you like to try the glossy stains but don't have the budget or what to waste money on something you may not like then try these  the shade I have is juliet.

bye guys

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