21 March 2014

A week in the world of lips: Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in vintage pink

Hey guys so I am back with lipstick and we are near the end of a week in the world of lips and you know what I still have more to review oops might have to do this again at some point.

So lets discuss this lipstick now the shade I have is vintage pink and I am not sure I like the shade on me and was considering giving it to my mum. however the formula is really nice creamy and moisturising .

I love the colour its just on me i think it looks a bit old if that makes like it should be on somebody and little bit older than me . If you think I am wrong let me know but when I put it on my mum and just thought it looked so much better on her than it did me . In every other way I love this lipstick its not drying they don't  have the best staying power but they do feel so nice on your lips . I really wouldn't mind touching it  up as it is comfortable to wear. I think I will get more of these but in a different colour even though this is lovely deep pinky purple I just don't think it suits my colouring. It is available from boots and superdrug and they are £6.49 not bad for lipstick. 

bye guys 

p.s uploading on my channel later today so watch out for that 

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