05 March 2014

Chit chat,Youtube and feeling ill

Hey guys i am going to be completely honest with and tell i woke up feeling rubbish it half two when i am writing this and  i am still in pjs so i am just going update up and do a round of thing sound good ?

So the first thing I want to touch on is my you tube channel now I know alot of you probably aren't interested in youtube but it is something I really enjoy doing now I have more time. I have been uploading on there very two days . There something I feel I need say I do my blog and youtube because I enjoy it is as simple as that if I didn't enjoy it I would stop. I just felt the need to say that because I know alot of people start this to make money and it become a job but in all honesty if thats all your in it for you will get bored very quickly. 

Anyway that was a tangent so what has gone up and channel well I put up a couple of days ago ten new things to my make up bag . 

The other one is chatty get ready with me I filmed my make up as I was doing when I went to lunch with my friend the other day very spring glowy .

So yeah please make sure you update with everything on this blog I have been blogging most days and really enjoying it. As always all the ways you can follow me are  in the side bar I am also now on instagram so you can follow me on there . Please go show my channel some love and there will possibly be a haul video going on there on thursday. If not they will still be a video up on there thursday so go subscribe and there will be giveaway happening very soon just need to gather a few more bits so keep your eyes peeled.  Ok so will be back I with a proper post tomorrow when hopefully I will be feeling better. 

bye guys 

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