11 March 2014

dry shampoo and scruffy bun

Hey guys so it has been a week since I have been on my little slice of the internet and I have missed it but I have been trying to get my self on track again .

This week I have lived in the scruffy bun and dry shampoo has been my best friend I have been so busy running about trying to get things in place seeing people I haven't seen in months and just generally catching up non what I missed . now I have done ball that I am working on improving my self I am in day 5 of the 30 days shred and I am already seeing a difference its amazing.

So now I am going to get back into the swing of things start uploading again blogging again a new start for spring. we have seen  the sun today but I wouldn't mention that to anyone you will scare it away and I don't won't that I love a bit of sun. I am writing this on my tablet because I am watching house of cards on my laptop so it is easier to do it this way .

Any way this is all from me today you can expect more face of the days from me and outfit of the days as well as the usual reviews and chatty update posts. See tomorrow
bye guys 

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