04 March 2014

loreal glam shine balmy gloss

Hey guys so today I am going to be talking the loreal lip crayon these lip crayons have really become a thing everyone and there mother as version but which is the best ? future blog post maybe ?

Any way this is the one by l'oreal and it is called the glam shine balmy gloss in the shade dare the dragon fruit very strange name for a lip colour but I will go with it .  So this does claim really do anything special and doesn't it is just standard lip crayon .

The colour as you can see is a beauty a lovely purply pink the formula its very moisturising creamy lovely on the lips not at all drying. As you can see it is all very glossy/shiny but it is not sticky but then it doesn't stay long either . However it is very light lightweight and sheer so maybe this is why I love the colour I just don't wear it very often because it doesn't last you drink something and it gone. I think if you are new make up it would be a great one as it very easy to use very moisturising and you can't really mess it up. if you don't mind constantly reapplying then yes go it for it the colours in the range are really nice . I have mixed feelings on this product the only thing that lets it down for me is the longevity of it other that I love it so it is completely up to I cant decide . it you can get from boots and superdrug and its priced at £6.99 and comes in 6 very nice spring summer shades. 

bye guys 

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