31 March 2014

maybelline baby skin primer

Hey guys so I have had the product for while and used it few times so now I am going to review it and tell you why it won't be replacing my porefessional.

So this is the maybelline baby skin and it is meant to help "erase" your prose which in theory is great but does it do this I am not so sure. so it say it is meant leave your face shine and pore free and you can use alone ot under makeup . This product is £7.99 from boots so is so much cheaper than the porefessional but it is not as good and i will explain why . When you first squeeze it out of the tube it is clear and gel like now i have dry skin but i have really bad pores across my nose. then you start to apply it it feels very wet and greasy on the skin and then you have to wait for it to set before you put your makeup on . So we are not off to a great start as i now have greasy feeling face lovely . I didn't find that foundation went on nicely after  using this primer and it certainly doesn't leave you shine free.  Overall I wouldn't recommend it and if  you want because you wanted to try a cheaper version on porefessional don't get the porefessional its last ages and you don't need to use much. Plus I am pretty certain that this broke me out and I don't have particular sensitive skin. Sorry this is not rave I will back tomorrow with another hopefully more positive review. 

bye guys 

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