29 March 2014

My Make Up Addiction

Hi my name is emma and I have make up addiction and it is bad i have the room the size the box and pretty soon it will just be make up

So this is the make up I have brought in the past three day this is not including the avon stuff I showed you yesterday . This is the problem I go into boots for mascara and come out with two sleek face pallets as well what ? I just can't resist I used be one of those people who it took a lot for me to part with my money then make up came into my life and that went . If my boyfriend  knew how much make up I actually had i think he take it and burn it luckily enough he doesn't look at this blog . So while we are here I may as well give you a rundown of what I brought . I got another mascara because my is get old and just not working the same then I go the revlon naked powder this is amazing so finely milled. Then we have to face palette by sleek one the light face forum kit one the pumpkin blush palette. We then have two highlighters one in rosey glow by revlon and the mua on which is a pain to open . Then finally we have the revlon lip butter strawberry short cake lovely everyday pink . Does any have this problem is it a blogger think because that how I justify I review it on the blog . Let me know your thoughts on this anything you like me to review. 

bye guys 

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